A Gal & Her Galette

For my entire life I’ve been a chocolate cake kind of person; however, the recent Instagram frenzy over rustic pies, known as galettes, piqued my interest in experimenting with baking something of the fruit-filled variety.


After scoring the internet for a recipe that would result in the perfect crust, flakey, toothy but not too buttery, I settled on a wholewheat crust from Food52, one of my most favorite online hot spots for the epicurious. Their recipe contains apple cider vinegar which actually pairs nicely with the creaminess from the butter and results in a hearty crust that could be used for sweet OR savory pies.

The recipe from Food52 calls for plums, but I opted for their furry friend, the peach. It happened to be the end of stone fruit season, and I was determined to make the most of it.  I made the treck to the west side with a single thought in my mind, I must pick up the last of the peach harvest at the Logan Square Farmers Market. My mission was a success! In no time I was happily arranging peaches to my heart’s content.


Because the peach galette was such a hit, I ended up making a savory pie with the same crust recipe and filling it with heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, goat cheese and prusciutto. And, by the grace of some higher power, both times I used this crust recipe I experienced very little spilling out of ingredients and splooging over the edges. Can I get an amen?

Check out the recipe here and make your own galette.


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