La Vie de Joe, a Behind the Scenes Look

If there’s ever a month to feel Romantic, it’s February. As a previous naysayer towards this time of year, I have become a recent advocate. Maybe it’s just life’s timing, but I am beginning to feel a growing affection towards the second most wonderful time of the year.


This isn’t the first time I’ve said it, but my love language is definitely coffee. If you follow along on my Instagram, you would know that I am well versed in all things coffee and coffee shop culture. One sunny February weekend, my S/O (who also expresses a similar enthusiasm for liquid gold) and I decided to collaborate on our favorite drink via stop motion.

La Vie de Joe from Dominic Udell on Vimeo.

Take a behind the scenes look at the the making of the stop motion:





Stop motion is incredibly fun if you have the time set aside to actually do it. Lucky for me, my partner in crime is a professional videographer and was able to do the editing, but you can find some great tutorials here and here. Additionally, take a look at some of his other work!

Happy photographing!


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