Go Nuts for Christmas

The holiday season can get a little nutty with the retelling of embarrassing stories, last minute manic shopping and the 24-7 sugar high, which is why, this year, I decided to do my out of town family a favor by loading them up with lots of treats full of ingredients to fuel them through this crazy time. What’s the secret ingredient? Nuts, and lots of them!


Let me preface this by saying that just because these cookies are healthy is not a reason to discount their tastiness. Through extensive research, and some prior experimentation, I gathered a collection of yummy and nourishing cookies to share with friends and family.

If my preface wasn’t convincing enough, my choice to indulge in “healthy” Christmas treats, does not mean I don’t think that cocktails and french-fries are not a reasonable replacement for dinner…

Date Truffles


To be honest, I usually have these as a post-workout snack, but they do make a nice addition to my selection of cookies. You can find a really good recipe for these by Deliciously Ella here, and the recipe I used from Dr. Oz The Good Life here.



Not to be mistaken for Macarons, these cookies are sweet and perfect for coconut fans! Find the recipe here.

Almond Pistachio Oat Cookies


These are some of my favorite cookie year round and I’ve even blogged about them before! This time, I added sea-salt flakes to bring out the sweetness. Find the recipe from Secret Squirrel Food here.

Dipped Fruit


I made this recipe up, but it is super simple! All you have to do is dip dried fruit in melted semi-sweet chocolate and sprinkle a little sea salt on top for flavor and style.

Chocolate Chia Cookies


These are another favorite from Deliciously Ella. The hazelnut and chocolate combo is irresistible! Find the recipe here.

Have a lovely Christmas with your friends and family and don’t be afraid to go a little nuts!


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