Taking Inventory: 10 Things to Smile About

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If the arrival of spring is for cleaning, fall’s impending return calls for taking inventory.  After a summer filled with old and new friends, amazing food and opportunities with work and blogging, there is so much to be happy about. But before I can swear off good vibes till the next year’s Chicago summer, I took a meditative moment to list out all the little things in life that make me smile in the hopes that when I am bundled five inches deep in my parka, I can melt the permafrost scowl with the top 10 things that make me supremely happy.

  1. Milk in coffee

There is an indescribable pleasure that I get out of watching milk marble in black coffee. Iced or hot, the mesmerizing swirl doesn’t cease to make me happy.

  1. Evening walks to the pier

I have a not so secret favorite place in my neighborhood: the pier at Loyola Beach. With or without a friend, even walks to this sacred spot allow me to take in nature and just be. I make it a habit to leave my phone at home with the sentiments to disconnect to reconnect.

I can't get enough of this place.

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  1. Not having plans

I often find my weekends void of plans end up being the best. A spur of the moment coffee with a friend, melts into an afternoon of plant shopping and an evening full of great conversation and, of course, ice cream.

Post panel discussion bliss ✌🏼️ #fromwhereilay #summerinasnap

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  1. Puppy run-ins

There isn’t a day when I don’t squeal with delight over seeing a puppy. Yes, I am that girl. And if it’s a pug puppy, game over.

Bisou, bisou! #edgewater5k #ramblinaround #pups

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  1. Cliché plants

I know I’m not the first to announce their affection for succulents, but there is something so pleasing about the plump leaves and low maintenance care. I have a collection of them scattered about the apartment, but keep one perched on my desk. I’m convinced the secret plant powers help me to focus.

Back to school shopping.

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  1. Marathoning Sex and the City

To quote my mother, “Maybe it is true in life that one person will never fill all our needs, like a boyfriend or husband. It’s great, but we need our girlfriends too.” Momma C gets it, and so does SATC. My best friend and I have slowly and successfully made our way through the entire series. We laughed, we cried all while learning that life is made better by your girlfriends. Incase you were wondering, I’m a Charlotte.

The Carrie to my Charlotte #2000s #bae #whatsbae

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  1. Rainy day cuddles

No explanation necessary.

  1. Soy candles

Candle + down comforter + book = supremely happy thing

Guilty pleasure.

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  1. Dancing in public

I am not afraid to get down in public. If one of my favorite songs comes on while grocery shopping, I will without a doubt abandon my cart and sing and dance. Never forget, the world is your oyster and isle 4 is your stage.

I heard it was #nationaldanceday

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  1. Cooking at home

From my blog, it is obvious that I love eating out. However, I am happiest in the kitchen and spending time cooking for myself and friends. The act of putting ingredients together with my hands is so soothing, not to mention the perpetual lull of NPR on my short wave radio. I’ve been making an effort to cook more vegetarian meals. You can find a few of my favorites here and here.

Curry me home tonight 🎶

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