Pie that Takes the Cake


“promises and pie-crust are made to be broken” 

-Jonathan Swift 

I’d like to begin this post by thanking my dear mother. From a very young age, she instilled in me a deep appreciation for all types of pies. Savory or sweet, I don’t discriminate, and have a place in my heart for each. That being said, I jumped (more like leapt) at the opportunity to visit Chicago’s pie sensation, Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits.

Bang Bang Pie is located in the Logan Square neighborhood. If you’re coming from the north side, it can be a bit of a trek, but trust me, you have got to put this place on your summer bucket list! You can even enjoy your slice in the adjacent and charming pie garden. I was lucky enough to take my partner and crime along with me, because she is finally home from Spain! (Expect to see her popping up in all of my posts this summer).

I’ve noticed that many restaurants are beginning to offer coffee on tap. I am so excited about this trend, and was delighted to see that Bang Bang was serving it up this way as well!


Once we settled into the pie garden (yes they have a garden dedicated to eating pie!), and were blissfully sipping our iced coffee, we were brought a sampling of their pies and famous biscuits.


Alone, the pies were incredible, but what you may not know about Bang Bang is that they only use seasonal produce and work with farmers to incorporate the freshest ingredients into all of their yummy pies, jams, and butters. In fact, the strawberries from the strawberry-rhubarb pie came from a family farm in St. Joseph Michigan. Let me tell ya, they were the cutest, juiciest strawberries I have tasted all season, and this is coming from a strawberry fiend!

DSC01576The first pie I tasted was the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. I’m happy to say that rhubarb season is among us, and was elated to see this on the menu! It. Was. Delicious. Bang Bang uses a leaf lard crust in some of their pies, which lends a wonderful richness. Unlike other pies (which shall remain unnamed), the crust stands alone to the filling. However, just because the crust was so impressive, I’m not downplaying the tangy and sweet filling. The classic strawberry-rhubarb combination wooed me, and the almond crumble topping was a delightful surprise.


Second on the tasting docket was the honey pie with a lavender blueberry compote. I knew I was going to be all about this from the moment I heard the word lavender. I love the color, the taste and the smell. Lavender is pretty much the floral equivalent to truffle, and has been sneaking its way onto menus as of late. The honey pie filling had a touch of citrus and the crust a lovely, buttery, crumbly tooth. I loved it. But I think what I loved most about this pie was the sweet and flowery compote drizzled all over the top. It left me wanting to lick the plate!


What better way to wash down pie than with a steaming biscuit smothered in butter and jam? Just when I thought the food festivities couldn’t get any better, they did. The outside was brown and crisp but gave way to the flakiest, softest, steamiest center. If these babies were entered in a superlative competition, they would surely win. The buns were served alongside jam and house made butter. The day I went they were slathering grape jelly butter on their buns. I know, the flavor had me doing a double take too. Believe me, I’m the last to slather butter all over something, but it was the butter that made them really sing. The buns were not too salty, but with the butter were a match made in pie heaven.



Bang Bang Pie’s menu is constantly changing and evolving around the seasons. I was so grateful to have been invited in to taste their AMAZING pies and biscuits and will definitely be making several trips back this summer.


Take a look at their menu and just try not to drool!


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