Sunday Crafternoon


For some, the weekend is their time to put their feet up and sedate themselves with sports, reality TV or my personal favorite, Netflix. Whatever your poison may be, next time you feel a gravitational pull towards the TV, take a minute and ask yourself, “what can I accomplish from several hours three feet deep in a duvet?” Nothing. You can accomplish nothing, and I am so guilty of this. Having just started a 9 to 5 job that takes up most of my time during the week, I want nothing more than to bury myself in my bed and inundate my mind with Mad Men. It may be good for the soul on certain occasions, but I’ve found my new anti-drug to be DIY projects and  apartment improvement shopping sprees. Ok, maybe that makes me sound a little old, but I did just have a birthday, so it’s warranted. Maybe?

Passing of time and binge watching aside, you have got to make my latest, most ADORABLE, DIY for yourself. It’s incredibly easy, and did I mention, there’s peanut butter involved?

Here are the deets…

What you will need:

  • three well-cleaned glass peanut butter jars
  • painter’s tape
  • scissors
  • metallic spray paint (I used bronze)
  • rubber gloves
  • saran wrap
  • tweezers

I know what you’re thinking. No, I did not eat three jars of peanut butter in one go. In the weeks leading up to this, I justified buying expensive peanut butter in glass jars with the promise that I would up-cycle them into something fantastic!



To begin, you are going to want to make sure the jars are really clean. If there is any residual oil left over from the nut butter, the spray paint and painter’s tape will not adhere. After the jars are clean, cut the tape in any pattern you wish and place it on the inside of the jar. I decided the do triangles because they were easy to cut from the tape, and geometric designs are super trendy.



This was my first experience using spray paint, so I took the entire procedure to the back alley of my building. You definitely want to wear gloves for this step or else it will get all over! Before going to town with the spray, I wrapped the outside of the jars with saran wrap and covered the mouths of the jars with the painter’s tape. This is a step you do not want to skip!



The spray paint  step was painless and took a few minutes. Once the paint dried, I used tweezers to peal off the inside designs. I plan on using these as votive holders, but there are so many other uses: makeup brush holder, flower vase, desk accessories. I’d love to hear the uses you think of!


Voila, first crafternoon of the summer complete!


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