An Abundance of Brunch

I usually reserve one day a weekend to go to brunch. Not only is it a good time to catch up with a friend, but it keeps me on track with my weekly hash brown and poached egg quota. Seriously, learning to make poached eggs is going on my summer bucket list! While visiting Cincinnati for Memorial Day weekend, I was invited to not one brunch, but two! Elated, I said yes to both, and put on my brunch pants Saturday and Sunday.


Why have one brunch when you can have two?

Saturday: Sleepy Bee Cafe


Coffee for those who wait!

Hot off a yin yoga class with one of my best friends from high school, the Sleepy Bee Cafe seemed like the apt place to bee (can’t help myself with the puns)! I’ve been here several times and love the food, but have some major qualms with the service. Regardless, we enjoyed catching up over some fabulous food, and even had a free Bee Cake (gluten free pancake) brought to us after our meal.


The other Little Em 


Yes, please!

They were running a weekend special, huevos rancheros, which we practically had to pry out of the waiter (he insisted on only informing us of one of the specials… so odd). It. Was. Killer. and not in the killer bee kind of way. Toasted corn tortillas, layered with mashed sweet potatoes, black bean and corn salsa, a little bit of cheese, and topped with a poached egg, pesto, and the most generous pile of avocado I have ever seen at a restaurant (it didn’t even cost extra :P). We gobbled this up, and were very happy yogis.

Killer Roasted Root Veggies

Killer Roasted Root Veggies

Complementary Bee Cake

Complementary Bee Cake

Sunday: The Comet



I’ve been going to The Comet for years with my family. They have a huge selection of craft beers and are known for their eclectic customers. At night it becomes a place to enjoy music and have drinks with friends but on Sunday they are serious about their brunch.


What’s brunch without a mimosa?


Watermelon Gazpacho!

I have an avocado problem.

I have an avocado problem.

Since it was a back to back brunch weekend, I opted for something a little lighter: watermelon gazpacho soup with avocado and a salad. It was one of my favorite brunches I’ve ever had, and it didn’t weigh me down or make me feel sleepy, a common side effect of brunch. The gazpacho was cool but had a major cayenne kick that I was loving, and a little mimosa on a Sunday never hurt anyone…

Egg's Benedict for the parents.

Egg’s Benedict for the parents.



Can’t wait till next weekend’s brunch adventures!


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