Seven Sips: Chicago’s Best Coffee Shops

IMG_5817 For the past few months I have been scouting out all the best spots in Chicago for a sip. The time and money spent on this endeavor have not been wasted. In the name of research, I present you with the seven best coffee shops in Chicago:

Monday: Asado Coffee Roasters at Pickwick Place 


Cutest Alley in Chicago


itty bitty


This coffee shop is definitely not what I was expecting. It is tucked away in a too good to be true, right out of Harry Potter, freaking adorable, alley way charmingly titled Pickwick Place. A stroll down the vintage light strand lit corridor leads you to the tiny shop. No joke, it’s smaller than my bedroom. The caliber of espresso made up for my disappoint in the size of the cafe. It was a frigid day, so there was no possibility of sitting at the cafe tables outside. Regardless, I much enjoyed my latte from here.

Tuesday: Metropolis 


Weekly Pairing

Metropolis holds a special place in my heart. It was here that I was introduced to coffee shop culture, and cultivated my love for all things caffeinated. It is true, before my post high school schooling I did not drink coffee, but after going to college and discovering Metropolis, my love for coffee began to grow. I have tried many of their menu items, and would highly recommend the matcha latte or dirty chai. The cortado is also quite delightful, and pairs perfectly with a biscotti cookie.

Wednesday: Intelligentsia 


Perfect Pair


Buckwheat and Blackberry Jam Scone


Last Drags

The sophisticated vibes of this coffee shop get me every time. Maybe it is in the name, but something about sipping a drink here compels me browse through my NPR articles or peruse the NYTimes. Intellect aside, the coffee here is seriously smart! When I’m not drinking a latte, I usually order their chai, which is also ace. There are several locations, but my favorite is right off the Randolph red-line. The location makes it perfect for a post ballet class pick me up, or an Art Institute pre-game.

Thursday: La Colombe 




“open concept”

Partner in Crime

Partner in Crime

Andersonville is easily my new favorite neighborhood, and is home to one of my favorite coffee spots. Think open concept plus killer coffee drinks and you get La Colombe. it was a blissfully warm day out when I visited, so I decided on an iced latte. The dried cherry scone in the case caught my eye and made its way onto my check. Those sneaky treats! Both went beyond my expectations: the iced latte has to have been the best I’ve ever had. The only downside to this cafe is that they do not have wifi. I suppose this is a good thing because it forces people to be more engaged with each other, but it is not conducive to studying and meetings.

Friday: The Coffee Studio 


In Love With These Succulents



Seriously Divine Caramel

The Coffee Studio is another Andersonville staple. Located right off the Bryn Mawr stop, it is easily accessible by the red line or a quick bike ride down Clark Street. The first thing I noticed when entering were the gorgeous terrariums on the sun drenched community table in the front. Note to self: recreate a planter like this! They serve their drinks very hot here, so be careful. I wasn’t feeling a scone like I usually do, so I opted for a rosemary sea salt caramel. No regrets.

Saturday: Sol Cafe


Ethics Term Paper Not Pictured



Hippy Vegan Trail Mix Scone

Sol Cafe is a hidden gem in a city full of carbon copy coffee shops. Their menu is constantly changing, featuring different drinks with eclectic ingredients you would never think to end up in a latte. It is located off the Howard red-line stop, which is a hike for most, but lucky for me  it is only a few stops away. Sol is the perfect place to cozy up to a custom concoction and pound out a term paper. I may or may not have done this the day I visited. Seriously, this place is so cute and worth the trip. Did I mention they also have Glazed and Infused donuts?!

Sunday: Goddess and the Baker


Iced Coffee For Two


Green Goddess Wrap


So Cute!

Goddess and the Baker is new to the Chicago loop. However, they used to have a shop several blocks from my university, which closed a while ago. I was heart broken when I could no longer pop in for a nibble and coffee drink. Thank God(dess) this place opened up! I had been dying to go and finally did before a panel discussion at The Art Institute. The dark matter iced coffee was delish, and I am definitely coming back for their nitrogen infused iced coffee on tap! 

Get sippin’!


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