Sunday Fun-day


It was the weekend, and another blogger’s brunch was called for. Today we hit up Hub 51, a swank spot in river north. I ordered the root vegetable hash and my brunch date got the breakfast tacos. Bruncher’s remorse is a real thing guys, because I was drooling over my friends plate. My root vegetables and poached eggs were good, but the self assembly tacos looked divine! They even came with all the essentials to build the perfect taco: pico, black beans, scrambled eggs, and guac.  















After brunch, I was craving something sweet, so we waltzed over to Firecakes, located right across the street. I had been here before as a part of a Chicago donut tour my friends and I put together a few months ago, and was not super impressed. I’m so glad I gave it another try because the Meyer Lemon mini donut was delicious. I loved that they have minis. Not only are they freaking adorable, but they are just the right size that I can convince myself its not really that bad for me.


From the moment I woke up that morning I was craving a chai latte. I’m trying not to drink coffee by subbing it out with tea… we will see how long that lasts! I was disappointed to find that Hub 51 did not have chai on the menu, and that I’d have to wait to get my fix. We went to Beatrix (quelle suprise) for their coffee bar, and it was well worth my wait. I ordered the chai with a kick from the dreamy barista. I’m beginning to think my love of coffee is translating into having a thing for baristas. Barista or no barista, I  was in love with this spiced up chai! The secret ingredient that gives it the kick is cayenne pepper. Warning: this drink is not for the faint of heart, as it has some serious heat behind it!















If you are ever in the Hubbard Street area on a Sunday I totally recommend you hit up all of these places!


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